• Classic Sofa Set
  • Classic Sofa Set
  • Classic Sofa Set
  • Classic Sofa Set

Classic Sofa Set

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Living Room Set
3 Seater 2 Pieces
Armchair 2 Pieces
Middle Table 1 Piece

3-Seater Sofa: The 3-seater sofa is the centerpiece of the set. It typically features a classic design with a sturdy hardwood frame for durability. The sofa may have rolled arms, a tufted backrest, and decorative wooden legs. The upholstery is often made of high-quality fabric or leather, available in neutral tones or rich colors to suit different decor styles. The sofa provides ample seating space for three people and is designed for both comfort and elegance.

Armchair: The armchair complements the sofa's design, featuring similar elements such as rolled arms, tufted details, and wooden legs. It offers a cozy spot for one person to relax and can be placed alongside the sofa or in a separate seating area. Like the sofa, the armchair is constructed with a hardwood frame and upholstered in quality fabric or leather to match the set's aesthetic.

Middle Table: The middle table, also known as a coffee table, serves as a functional and decorative piece within the set. It is typically positioned in the center of the seating arrangement, providing a surface for placing drinks, snacks, books, or decorative items. The middle table may have a wooden or metal frame with a glass, marble, or wood top, depending on the desired style and preference. It complements the classic design of the sofa and armchair, adding to the overall cohesion of the set.

Overall, this classic sofa set consisting of a 3-seater sofa, armchair, and middle table offers timeless elegance, comfort, and functionality for your living space. Its cohesive design creates a harmonious atmosphere while providing comfortable seating and a stylish focal point for your room.

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